SHG & RitmiShow

SHG and RitmiShow offer much more and are much better than any other initiative dedicated to guitar and drums players. Our shows do not fear the comparison with similar events in Europe and the United States.


SHG, the first real guitar show in Europe from 1992, lives today with enthusiasm his second decade. In SHG coexist a huge amount of instruments and a dense program of events (concerts, demos and workshops). The historic name, which stands for “Second Hand Guitars”, has been retained for sentimental reasons, but today the used and vintage instruments coexist with the latest products.

Visitors can watch, touch, play, buy for the whole day. They can also bring into the venue their instrument (NO surcharge on the ticket) to display it, trade or sell.


From 2011 SHG is joined by Ritmishow, a similar event dedicated to drums and percussions, offering the same quality of display, events and exhibitions.

The steady growth of visitors (over 8 thousand in SHG 2013) and exhibitors (over 140 at SHG 2013) make SHG and RitmiShow the main reference in the field, also thanks to the enormous visibility provided by the site ACCORDO.IT, with more than 50 thousand musicians who access it every day.